Bluntfield delivers socially charged Australian hip-hop with “RED KELLY
An unloading of social commentary and reflection on this past year complimented by crisp production.

From the beginning of his career, Bluntfield has released potent songs speaking on societal issues with an upfront honesty. ‘RED KELLY‘  wanders between switched-on hip-hop and brooding baroque pop, mixing deft raps with depth-charge bass vocals, the former firing off salvos of questioning and concise rap-attacks, the latter resonating majestically below the surface. Throw in some sultry and searing saxophone, guest vocalists and an eclectic mix of styles and you have one hell of an album, one which doesn’t follow the rules, is unconcerned by fad and fashion and which is the perfect documenter of many people’s collective thoughts and feelings.. RED KELLY features appearances by vocalists R.em.edy, Turin Robinson and Skyuka, backed by crisp production by some of West Australias respected producers in Loftwah (Grind Mode), Rob Shaker (Syllabolix)and Uncool Sam (TPW)

RED KELLY’ Album Link – https://bluntfield.bandcamp.com/album/red-kelly

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